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James Monroe Athletics

APS Athletics Forms 

Tryouts and Physicals

Access this link - Athletics Forms

You will need to print the Physical Form and the Athletics Participation Consent form. Please fill out these forms and return them to the JMMS Front office or to the Coach of your Team. 

Required Couse
Concussion for Student Course

Interscholastic Eligibility Scholastic Requirements

Academic Eligibility

A student shall have a 2.0 grade point average with no F’s, based on a 4.0 grading scale, or its equivalent, for the semester grading period immediately preceding participation. For girls volleyball and boys basketball this means the Spring 2023 semester.

For girls basketball and boys and girls track this means the Fall semester of 2023. For students not eligible at the semester, the nine week grading period can be used to regain eligibility if it applies.

Middle school programs directed and supported by the APS Athletic Department are recognized as New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA) sanctioned activities. Eligibility and participation guidelines set forth by the NMAA and the APS Athletic Department apply to all participating students and coaches. Refer to the NMAA Handbook, Section IX Junior High/Middle School for NMAA eligibility requirements. NMAA academic eligibility requirements are required of all participating students. In addition to the NMAA academic eligibility requirements, the following applies:

Competing during the first semester of the school year without reference to the previous semester grading period applies only to 6th grade students. Academic eligibility requirements shall apply to all 6th grade students upon the end of the first semester grading period of the school year. Schools must determine academic eligibility/ineligibility at 8:00am on the fifth school day from the last day of the semester grading period.