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Band - Choir - Orchestra Fundraiser

James Monroe MS Parents and Guardians,

The James Monroe band, orchestra and choir students are doing some fundraising to help raise money for some projects in their classes.  If you would like to support them in reaching their fundraising goals, please look at the order forms below.  You can pay on line with a credit or debit card, but please follow the instructions closely, or you may not receive your delivery on time.

The last day for us to receive orders is Tuesday Sept. 24th.

Your products will be delivered Tuesday Oct. 29th at the end of the school day to the school.  You will be able to pick them up then.


1) Browse the catalogs

2) Make note of the items you would like to purchase, and how many of each

3) Click on this link:

4) Type in the class code that you want to support

          Band: 1923

          Choir: 1921

          Orchestra: 1922

5) complete the order form on line (this will only send payment)

6) Send an e-mail to the appropriate teacher.  Please include the item name, item number how many of each you ordered and your name and contact info in the message so we can remind you to come pick up your products.  If we do not fill in the actual order form for you, you will not receive your order on time.

If you are simply making a donation (yes you can do that on the website) please e-mail the teacher to let them know that also.




If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact the teacher of the class you wish to support for help.

Catalogs and Order Forms:

Printable Order Forms: