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Dress Code


The students and their parents/guardians are responsible for compliance with the JMMS Uniform Dress Policy. Please read this policy carefully, so that your student will not be subject to correction or disciplinary action. This list is not all-inclusive and administration may determine the appropriateness of clothing articles or accessories if not listed in policy to follow. The JMMS Dress Code Policy is in effect from the time the student arrives on campus until he/she leaves campus after school. Students are not permitted to change into or out of their uniform clothing at school.  Students must remain in dress code while on campus.

General Guidelines

·  Student photo ID and JMMS lanyard must be worn every day around their neck.  No exceptions. Student IDs should be clear of any obstructions. Stickers, pictures, cards or writing on the protective case or actual ID are not allowed. The picture, name, and student ID number must be visible at all times. No objects can be attached to the ID/lanyard while being worn around the neck. This can include, but not limited to: keys, toys, or objects that are distracting. Replacement IDs must be purchased if the ID is damaged or broken in any way.

·  Most articles of clothing including jackets are to be solid colored. Any color is acceptable. Striped shirts, plaid, checkered designs, polka dots, patterns are allowed. Students may wear either camouflage pants or shirt, but not both. Articles of clothing that have been turned inside out should not show graphics or patterns of any type.

·  All articles of clothing should fit properly.  No tight or baggy clothing is acceptable. This includes items worn under the approved dress code shirt. Under garments shall not show at any time, this includes leggings and jeggings. Leggings however may be worn under a top/dress that is at least fingertip length.

·  All articles of clothing must be neat and in good condition. No torn, tattered, or excessively long clothing.

·  Under shirts must not be visible below the outer shirt.

·  Materials:  Most materials, including denim, are acceptable, with the following exceptions: No transparent or sheer materials, no net or lace, and no spandex, which includes leggings. Except as noted above.

·  JMMS, Cibola and University of New Mexico graphics are acceptable on collared shirts and approved sweatshirts. 

·  Manufacturer logos will be allowed on approved articles of clothing and jackets as long as they are no larger than 1 ½ inches in diameter. Skull graphics are not permitted.

·  Negative messages: No clothing or accessories that promote negative behaviors (profanity, violence, sex, drugs, alcohol, bigotry, disrespect, gangs), or that are highly distractive, disruptive or immodest.

·  Jewelry: No chains, dog collar necklaces, metal ball, studded, or spiked jewelry, no oversized rings, no wallets or pocket chains, or any accessories that can be construed as a weapon (ex: a cluster of objects on a necklace, oversized rings, or a large belt buckle).  No more than two necklaces may be worn at one time, and necklaces must be worn underneath the shirt.  No facial or tongue piercings or jewelry. Pierced ears and nose studs only.

·  Hair Styles: Students hair styles must not be distracting or disruptive to the educational process. No graphics or lettering is allowed to be shaved or dyed into the hair. NO BANDANAS ALLOWED

·  Other Accessories:  No sunglasses, baseball caps, hair nets, or bandanas.  Absolutely no writing or graphics on wristbands, backpacks, skin or clothing.  No stickers, buttons or patches are allowed on clothing or skin.  Gloves and knit hats are allowed, (weather permitting and outside only). No fingerless gloves or baseball caps allowed at any time. 

·  Belts: Belts are encouraged. If worn, belts must comply with the same rules as "jewelry," and must fit properly with no belt hanging.  No large buckles or inappropriate messages on belt or buckle are allowed.  No studded belts are permitted.

·  Shoes and Socks: Shoes must be worn at all times. Bedroom slippers are never allowed. For safety reasons flip-flops, backless shoes, platforms, high heels and sandals are discouraged.

·  Jackets and Coats: Jackets are discouraged while in class. If jackets must be worn, clothing under jackets must be in compliance with JMMS dress code policy.

Shirts (Boys and Girls)

·  Observe all guidelines listed in "general guidelines"

·  Collared polo, button down, Oxford or turtlenecks (mock or regular)

·  Short or long sleeves, no sleeveless

·  All shirts must have buttons or snaps, and button/snap to the neck (collar).  No more than two buttons/snaps from the top may be undone.

·  No zippered shirts.

·  Un-tucked uniform shirts are allowed within the following guidelines:

Un-tucked shirts must not be longer than wrist of a student when his/her arms are held at the side. Un-tucked shirts must not rise above the waistline of the student when arms are raised above his/her head. Shirts that are too long need to be tucked in. Shirts that are too short need to be changed. Only outer uniform shirt may be un-tucked. 

Under shirts or layered shirts worn under the dress code shirt are to be tucked in and are not to be seen.

Skirts, Jumpers and Shorts

·  Observe all guidelines listed in "general guidelines"

·  Must be no shorter than finger tip length with arms fully extended

Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Sweaters and Vests

·  Observe all guidelines listed in "general guidelines"

·  Must be worn over a legal shirt

·  All sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters and vests must comply with APS dress code policy of no obscene, gang related, violent, drug or alcohol related references.

·  Hooded sweatshirts are appropriate when weather indicates.  Hoods may be worn outside only.

Pants, Shorts

·  Observe all guidelines listed in "general guidelines"

·  Pant legs no wider than 10 inches. Pant legs that drag on the ground or are rolled up are not allowed.

·  5-pocket jeans, carpenter pants, painter pants, Capri and crop pants are allowed.

·  No sweat pants, sweat shorts, bike shorts, athletic shorts, leggings/jeggings (under garments), swishy/nylon pants, shorts, leather or pleather, or joggers made out of sweat pant material

·  Shorts must be at least fingertip length, but no longer than the bend of the knee.

·  Only jean and khaki Joggers are allowed

Coats, Jackets

·  Observe all guidelines listed in "general guidelines"

·  Must be worn over approved JMMS clothing

·  Hoods to be worn outdoors only

·  All coats/jackets must be waist length.  No short jackets permitted.

Spirit Days/Dances

·  Observe all guidelines listed in "general guidelines" including no spaghetti straps or leggings.

·  On designated Spirit Days students should follow the assigned theme.