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JMMS eSports

JMMS Esports Fall 2021 RL Starting Rosters

JMMS Varsity (Titanium White)

Ace Ramirez
Greggory Maldonado
Tristian Mckenna

JMMS Varsity (Black)

Joey Montoya
Juan Villegas
Bryan Diep

JMMS JV (Sky Blue)

Kegan Revilla
Ivan Aguilar
Elil Anderson

JMMS Prospects (Saffron)

Kinley Strempke
Dominic Pena
Jude Ksir

Practice and Sub Pool Players

If you are in the practice and sub pool, this means being ready to sub in for a player who cannot play a game during the season. You are also responsible for attending practices and being ready to help your team with games, streaming, and other weekly duties. You will practice and work on your skills with the team. You will also play with the other sub pool players at your level for tournaments, practices, scrimmages, etc. You will also join our JMMS Esports Discord and be prepared to attend practice in-person in E-203 starting on 9/22 after school from 3:15- 5:30 pm.

JMMS Varsity Sub Pool
Daniel Diaz
Andrew Trujillo

JMMS JV Sub Pool
Jordan Hirashima
Ayden Garcia
Zachary Montoya
Dominic Xatruch
Allias Todacheene

JMMS Prospects Sub Pool
Lorenzo Carbajal
Santiago Couffer
Nathan Chavez
Corey Pierre Jr.
Jordan Hirashima