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Online Class Dress Code

During Virtual/Online classes JMMS will be following the basic APS dress code. 

In brief it is as follows:

APS expects student dress and grooming to reflect high standards of personal conduct.  Student’s attire ought to promote a positive, safe and healthy atmosphere within the school.  

Prohibited Dress

  • No attire that may present a health or safety hazard, violate municipal or state law or present a potential disruption
  • No attire or accessories which advertise, display or promote any drug, including alcohol or tobacco, sexual activity, violence, disrespect and/or show bigotry towards any group.
  • No gang-related attire
  • No excessively tight or revealing clothes
  • No short shorts, skirts and dresses
  • No bare midriff
  • No low-cut and/or off the shoulder blouses
  • No spiked jewelry
  • No chains
  • No belts with more than 2 inches excess.
  • "Sagging", or the wearing of pants below the waist and/or in a manner that allows underwear or bare skin to show, and "bagging", or the wearing of excessively baggy pants with low hanging crotches

Hats and Caps – Per APS, hats or caps shall not to be worn while inside buildings unless there are specific instructional, safety, religious or medical reasons for the student doing so.  This will include no hats or caps to be worn during online classes.