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SAT Students

Date: 5/4/2020

Dear Families of JMMS SAT Students:

I know these are uncertain times, and I am sure that you are worried about your child’s progress and his/her standing in the SAT (Student Assistance Team) process here at James Monroe Middle School.  I am writing to assure you that your child’s teachers are doing their very best to continue Tier II instruction for your student.  APS has opened up the Tier II program iReady for all students.  This is great news because students receiving Tier II instruction at JMMS were already using this research-based program to help them fill in any educational gaps.  Please make sure your student is spending about 3 hours a day working on school-work.  It is recommended that your child is logging into Google Classroom to find all of his/her classwork from their classroom teachers.  This includes working on the iReady program in both reading and math.  If there is not much work posted, you can always encourage your child to read a novel of his/her choice.

Your child has not been dropped from the SAT process.  Instead, we will continue working with your student for the remainder of this year, and monitoring his/her progress remotely.  The SAT process will continue into next year.  Any canceled SAT meetings will be rescheduled for next school year.

If we already met and decided to submit your child for testing, that will still happen this school year.  You can expect a call from the district diagnosticians sometime this summer.

Please reach out to me, or your child’s classroom teacher, if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you and take care.


Amanda Allred