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James Monroe School Supply List

James Monroe General Supply List for 2019-2020

Advocacy teachers will require 
2 boxes of Kleenex, hand sanitizer, 2 reams of white computer paper, and Clorox wipes
from each student.   These will be collected during the first week of school.

All science classes will require a $5 lab fee. 
This will be collected during the first week of school.


These are general supplies needed by grade level. 
Please note that individual teachers may require additional supplies. 

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

JMMS Agenda 

JMMS Agenda

JMMS Agenda

4 Spiral Notebooks 

Spiral Notebooks - 4

4  spiral (college ruled) notebooks

Pencils (small pencil sharpener and/or lead refills also recommended) Students must have pencils with them every day for each of their classes. 

Composition Notebooks - 4

4 Packets college ruled loose-leaf paper

Erasers Students need erasers for their own use every day in each of their classes. 

1” binder


4 Pocket folders

Glue Sticks 


3 reams white computer paper


Pens – Black and Red Ink (1 pkg of each)


1 package (25 minimum) page protectors

Colored Pencils 

Colored Pens (1 pkg)

2 (3-ring)  1” Binders


Colored Pencils – one 24 count


Box of colored pencils and sharpener

Loose Leaf Lined Paper Students should keep a supply of loose leaf notebook paper in their binders for use in their classes.

Markers – one 12 count

1 package 3x5 lined index cards

Loose Leaf Graph Paper 

Loose leaf paper

Box of highlighters

Pocket Folder or Accordion Folder to keep track of papers to and from school 

Glue Sticks - 4



Scientific Calculator (optional, but encouraged) 

Folder with Brads - 4

Pens/pencils and erasers

1 Composition Notebook 

1 Black Sharpie

1 package dry erase markers

2 combination locks – one for hall locker and one for PE locker (key locks not permitted!) 

Scissors – 1 pair

1 package stick it notes

Special Education ELA:  2 composition notebooks to be used in the classroom.  1 3-prong folder for graded work. 

Highlighters – 1 pack of 4 different colors

Scientific Calculator (used for Math & Science)

1” or 1 ½” binder

Dry Erase Markers- black


  Binder dividers 

Basic Calculator (not scientific)



Rolls of Clear Tape



Roll of Paper Towels – 1 roll







JMMS Elective Supply Lists 2019-2020 School Year


  1. 1- Black two-pocket folder with brads or a black three ring binder
  2. $50 course fee (covers cost of sheet music, concert fees, and festival fees for the entire year, as well as a performance shirt)

Health Supplies

  1. 1-spiral notebook  (for notes)
  2. 1- composition notebook (for a journal)
  3. 3-posterboards
  4. 1-pack of color pencils, glue stick, and tape (these can be the items kept with the student)

Info. Tech

  1. 1-ream of printer paper
  2. 1-box of tissue
  3. 1-disinfecting wipes or hand-sanitizer

Drama (I and II)

  1. 1-binder ½” or 1”
  2. 1- pack of 5 dividers
  3. $15 class fee to pay for field trip and necessary prop items


  1. 1-binder ½” or 1”
  2. 1-pack of 5 dividers
  3. 1-small notebook
  4. Access to a camera, either on a cell phone or permission to use the school’s camera


  1. 2- spiral notebooks
  2. $15 Lab Fee for lab supplies

Elective Wheel

  1. 1-1” binder
  2. 1-pack of 5 dividers


  1. Students need a grey t-shirt and black athletic shorts.  (These can be purchased at school for $10 apiece, but purchasing from the school is not a requirement.)

Foods I and Foods II

  1. 1- 1” binder
  2. $20 lab fee
  3. Any ONE of the following: liquid hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, box of Ziploc bags (sandwich, quart, or gallon)
  4. 1-pack of paper towels


  1. 1- 1” binder
  2. $10 lab supply fee
  3. Any ONE of the following: gallon or sandwich size storage bags, paper towels, Clorox wipes, hand soap

Media Literacy

  1. $20 lab fee

TV/Film Production

  1. $20 lab fee

Student Council

  1. 1-1” binder
  2. $10 class fee


  1. There is a $40 lab fee
  2. There will be other required materials needed once students are assigned instruments.