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Getting Started with your Chromebook!

Student password help

If your student needs help resetting their Student password 
Please email:

Please be sure to include:

1. The Student's full name
2. The Student's ID number

You will receive an email once the password is reset - it should not take any longer than one business day. If you have not received your password reset with one business day, please reach out to your advocacy teacher for further instructions.

Please note this is for James Monroe Student passwords only!

Annually Password resets

Student’s password expire annually

When current passwords are near the annual expiration date students will receive an automated email notification instructing them to change their password at that time.

Students should follow the best-practice complexity standards outlined in the table below in order to create safe and secure passwords. Additionally, passwords can be changed at any time by going to:


Basic Troubleshooting

First step in troubleshoot should always be to sign out and restart your Chrome book. 

Please look to the right of this screen for details on how to sign out of your Chromebook. 

If signing out and restarting your Chromebook did not work, try clearing your Chrome Browser Data. Clearing your Google Chrome Data will fix a lot of problems. Follow this link and follow the instruction to clear your Google Chrome  Browser Data. 

If you Chromebook is still having issues - Please bring it to the Front office at the School. We will have our School Tech troubleshoot your Chromebook for you. 

Cannot connect to Wi-fi

Internet connection slow?



How to Get your APS Device or Chromebook  repaired!

If you need to get your APS Device or Chromebook repaired the APS Service desk will need to be contacted by the APS service desk by either calling or sending them an email. The service desk will submit a service ticket for your device. The APS service desk will provide you with a
Ticket number, a map,  and phone number to call when they arrive at the at the APS Service center located at Lincoln Complex Building M - 912 Oak Street SE - Albuquerque NM 87106.

Contacting APS Help Desk

APS service desk  phone: 505-830-8080
APS service Desk email:

Hours of operations Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

If you decide to send the APS service desk an email, be sure to include:

1) Full Name
2) Contact Number
3) Email address
4) Student's ID Number
5) Brief description of the issue that you are experiencing

For more detail - Click on the link below

You can also submit an APS ticket requesting Chromebook repair

information from the service desk about dropping off your device for repair

In order to work on your device, the APS service desk will need you to bring your device to the Lincoln Complex, Building M at:

  912 Oak St SE - Building M
  Albuquerque, NM 87106
  OPEN MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

M Building is the grey building at the end of Oak Street, just south of the Teachers Toolbox.  You should be able to see one of two (or maybe both) large M's on the side of the building.  One of the M's is in a bright green circle.

When you arrive, circle around to the roundabout and PLEASE DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE.  Instead, call the phone number listed on the banner outside Building M and let whoever answers know that you are here to drop off a device for service.

Please be sure to bring your device and power charger. 

Map of Oak Street - Building M



Requesting a Chromebook for a new APS Student

New student requesting a Chromebook from APS must submit a ticket requesting a Chromebook. You will then received an email from APS directing you to pick the Chromebook up at the APS Service Center at 912 Oak Street.

Click on the following link to create the ticket requesting your new student an APS Chromebook:

Educational Technology

ParentVue password Help

If a parent or guardian needs help with their Parent Vue Password, please contact The Synergy Department


JMMS School Based
Computer Tech

If you need technology help from someone at our School - please email our School based tech Luke Barbian via his email:

if you need help resetting your JMMS student's password. Be sure to include the student's full name, JMMS Student ID number, and a valid email address to reply back. 

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Any emails received outside these hours of operations will be address at the beginning of the next business day!

Thank you!

How to Sign out of your Chromebook

1. At the bottom right of your Chromebook - Click on the Time

2. Once the pop up screen comes up - at the top - click sign out


Charging a Chromebook


Having a issue with Synergy?

Teachers and staff can submit a ticket to SIS support for help with Synergy.